Unix Archive Sites

The Unix Archive is available via various protocols from several sites. We would love to have more mirrors of this archive. If you could provide a mirror of this site, please let Warren Toomey know.

FTP AccessWeb Access
FTP access to the Unix Archive is available from:  

Web access to the Unix Archive is available from:

Rsync Access

The Unix Archive can also be accessed via an rsync server on minnie.tuhs.org, but only if you are a registered mirror site. See the rsync web page for details on how to obtain a client.

The rsync access is divided into a number of categories in order to ease the load on the Unix Archive server. The categories are:

Name Holds Size (Megs)
UA_Root root files 5M
UA_Applications Applications directory 65M
UA_4BSD 4BSD directory 371M
UA_PDP11 PDP-11 directory 479M
UA_PDP11_Trees PDP-11/Trees directory 97M
UA_VAX VAX directory 5M
UA_Other Other directory 6M

You can use rsync to mirror each section. To mirror the complete archive, you would issue the following commands:

mkdir Applications 4BSD PDP-11 PDP-11/Trees VAX Other

rsync -avz minnie.tuhs.org::UA_Root .
rsync -avz minnie.tuhs.org::UA_Applications Applications
rsync -avz minnie.tuhs.org::UA_4BSD 4BSD
rsync -avz minnie.tuhs.org::UA_PDP11 PDP-11
rsync -avz minnie.tuhs.org::UA_PDP11_Trees PDP-11/Trees
rsync -avz minnie.tuhs.org::UA_VAX VAX
rsync -avz minnie.tuhs.org::UA_Other Other

Warren Toomey